Whether you have been injured at work, on a road, or in a public place, if you have already lodged a claim for your injuries you we can advise and represent you. We can meet you at home, in hospital, or outside ordinary working hours.

If you are in receipt of worker’s compensation weekly payments (that is you have lodged a claim and your employer has accepted liability) but the insurer has now written to you we can advise you how to deal with them and can communicate with them on your behalf to get the best outcome possible. If you have received a termination date letter from the insurer you only have a short time in which to make a decision on whether or not to commence a common law claim against your employer where you will have to prove negligence or a breach of statutory duty.  We can advise you when you make this decision.

Besides at work or on the road, injuries can occur anywhere: at a shopping centre, at a public park, or even being bitten by a someone’s dog. If you have made a claim, then we can assist you in securing the best outcome.

Focused Legal also works with experienced counsel and can cost-effectively assist in your existing claim for compensation for injuries you have suffered.

Yes. We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation or 45 minute face to face or phone consultations by prior arrangement.

This depends on which Court you would be in (should proceedings be commenced). See our fees page.

We charge at hourly rates in accordance with the costs scales issued by the various Courts and the State Administrative Tribunal.

Generally, we will see you within a few business days of your first contact with us. How quickly our meeting occurs will depend on how much of your documentation there is for us to review our meeting.

Yes, by prior arrangement.

Can you come to my home? Generally, we can do this if, for example, you have a strata issue and then we can see the property in question or, having already lodged a claim, you are in hospital and can’t come to our offices.

Yes (by prior arrangement).

Focused Legal can witness your documents by prior appointment. However, a Justice of the Peace (JP) often attends the Family Court of WA to witness Family Court documents. There are also JPs who attend local government offices to witness the documents of residents.

Yes, by prior arrangement.

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We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation or 45 minute face to face or phone consultations
by prior arrangement to discuss legal matters.