Yes. We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation or 45 minute face to face or phone consultations by prior arrangement.

This depends on which Court you would be in (should proceedings be commenced). See our fees page.

We charge at hourly rates in accordance with the costs scales issued by the various Courts and the State Administrative Tribunal.

Generally, we will see you within a few business days of your first contact with us. How quickly our meeting occurs will depend on how much of your documentation there is for us to review our meeting.

Yes, by prior arrangement.

Can you come to my home? Generally, we can do this if, for example, you have a strata issue and then we can see the property in question or, having already lodged a claim, you are in hospital and can’t come to our offices.

Yes (by prior arrangement).

Focused Legal can witness your documents by prior appointment. However, a Justice of the Peace (JP) often attends the Family Court of WA to witness Family Court documents. There are also JPs who attend local government offices to witness the documents of residents.

Yes, by prior arrangement.

No. However, you may benefit from one of our fee packages (see our fees page).

No. This is prohibited by the Legal Profession Act 2008.

You should seek you own legal advice to determine whether to fight or settle the claim. Another party’s lawyer sending you a letter means that the other party feels sufficiently confident in their position to pay for their own solicitor and that solicitor, by sending a letter on their  letterhead, also has formed a view of the merits of their client’s claim.

You should instruct a solicitor to issue a demand letter setting out what you want and when they will need comply in order to avoid the commencement of proceedings.

No. Saving time and money now could expose you to greater risk in the future. If unsure, do not sign but secure your own independent advice.

To advise you we will need you to email to us the document and seek a meeting.

In the District and Supreme Courts, solicitors are required to represent companies to litigation. However, for particular claims the Magistrates Court permits directors to represent companies.

If you object to all or part of the claim, you should fill in Part F of the claim form and file it in the relevant Magistrates Court within 14 days of first receiving the claim form.  

If you have been served with a writ of summons you ought secure legal advice as a priority as there is only a short window of 10 days following the service of the writ on you to file in the Court a memorandum of appearance (without which you are exposed to default judgment being made against you).

If within our practice areas Focused Legal can help you. If not within our practice areas, we can direct you to a member of the legal profession who should be able to help.

Focused Legal can advise you about challenging a will under the Family Provision Act 1972 (WA).

After securing the death certificate and an understanding of the deceased’s person’s debts and property, you should apply for a grant of probate over the will.  This can be done online using through the Supreme Court’s Probate Office or see us if you need help in preparing the application or to address any issues you may have.

We can advise you of your obligations as an owner and the obligations of the strata company to repair and maintain the common property.

If you and your partner have children or own property, you ought seek to mediate your issues and if you need legal advice or referral to a mediation service please contact us.

A misconduct restraining order addresses disputes between neighbours.  We can advise you about what can be done to assist you.

In this situation you ought contact the police whose role it is to deal with threats, assaults and breaches of the peace. However, from time to time they may recommend you secure the protection of a violence restraining order. If so, or even if you are unsure what to do, we can provide you with some early guidance and advice to best ensure your safety and well-being.

This will depend on what claim you have lodged whether for a work-related injury, an injury in a public place or whether you were injured on a road. After lodging your claim, we can help you.

Generally, you can seek a remand (that is an adjournment) to obtain legal advice so that on the next Court date you can be represented and in a position to address the charge. However, it is  better (and for more serious charges crucial) that you secure your own legal advice before attending Court on your first date following being charged.