Focused Legal represents clients in all the WA Courts (Magistrates, District, Supreme, Family Court of WA) and the State Administrative Tribunal.

We can represent you in many types of hearings and one-off appearances including:

1. Civil proceedings in the Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts.

2. Pursuing money owed to you (or defending proceedings);

3. Misrepresentation claims;

4. Probate disputes where there is disagreement as to whether or not a will is valid;

5. Estate disputes where the terms of a will are being challenged under the Family Provision Act;

6. Mediation conferences;

7. You have a licence for a particular vocation and the regulatory authority is seeking to take away your licence or impose a penalty. Such proceedings occur in the State Administrative Tribunal;

8. Violence restraining order proceedings;

9. Proceedings in WorkCover;

10. Proceedings in the Family Court of WA;

11.Strata disputes;

12. A plea in mitigation (where you are pleading guilty to a criminal charge or charges) and are seeking, through your plea, to minimise the penalty the Court will impose;

13. Driving and traffic offences in the Magistrates Court of WA;

14. Criminal proceedings.

Yes. We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation or 45 minute face to face or phone consultations by prior arrangement.

This depends on which Court you would be in (should proceedings be commenced). See our fees page.

We charge at hourly rates in accordance with the costs scales issued by the various Courts and the State Administrative Tribunal.

Generally, we will see you within a few business days of your first contact with us. How quickly our meeting occurs will depend on how much of your documentation there is for us to review our meeting.

Yes, by prior arrangement.

Can you come to my home? Generally, we can do this if, for example, you have a strata issue and then we can see the property in question or, having already lodged a claim, you are in hospital and can’t come to our offices.

Yes (by prior arrangement).

Focused Legal can witness your documents by prior appointment. However, a Justice of the Peace (JP) often attends the Family Court of WA to witness Family Court documents. There are also JPs who attend local government offices to witness the documents of residents.

Yes, by prior arrangement.

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We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation or 45 minute face to face or phone consultations
by prior arrangement to discuss legal matters.