How we charge primarily depends on what you need from us and which Court has jurisdiction over the type of matter you have.

Focused Legal offers several initial fee packages depending on the circumstances of your legal issue. The fee packages we offer are designed to facilitate the outcome you require such as one off or ongoing representation in a Court or the State Administrative Tribunal, or the drafting of a letter, a will, or other documents.

3 hour Fee Package: $1,100.00 (inc-GST but excluding any search fees). This 3 hour period is to review your papers and have a comprehensive meeting with you to identify your needs and, time-permitted, take further action on your behalf. During our meeting you can tell us about what has occurred, what you require, and during which we can provide you with legal advice for your circumstances.

A free 45 minute initial meeting (face to face or by phone). This is an opportunity for us to meet and discuss what options may be available to you. If your matter is relatively straight-forward this may be enough time to guide you in the right direction to obtain what it is you wish to achieve. If not, then we can discuss what future legal advice and services we can provide to assist you.

Longer phone consultations or meetings by appointment (fee to be advised beforehand).

15 minute free phone consultation. Focused Legal can provide 15 minutes of free advice (by prior arrangement). Contact us to schedule a phone conference.

Hourly rates: Focused Legal charges the hourly scale rate set contained within the costs scale applying the relevant Court (Magistrates Court, District Court, Supreme Court, Family Court of WA) or the State Administrative Tribunal.

Ask us about fixed fees for particular work (for example drafting a will for you or securing a grant of probate) which we can provide depending on your instructions.